Days 13 & 14

I've missed a couple days of posting, and it was on purpose. I sat down with my computer the past couple nights and had absolutely no photos or words to recap the day. They've been pretty... basic. Wake, work, home, walk dog, chill - with some foodie moments in between (none worth documenting. I mean, do I really need to post another photo of tacos?). The only thing I have to show is this snap of the dog hovering at the bathroom door while I wash my face for the evening.

So, I've decided to share a few links of things I've enjoyed reading online lately. Because maybe someone else will enjoy them too! ('x' marks the link)

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16 Books Hook You from the Very First Line [x]
7 Reasons You Really Need to Pay Yourself First [x]
Advice to College Graduates: Don't Rush It [x]
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