My dearest Elijah.

Pictures from our mini photo-shoot are below. As you can imagine, he wouldn't sit still.
The Best Turkey Burger In Town Award goes to US Cafe! Even though the city has hundreds of burger spots, it's still hard to find places that sell turkey burgers - good ones, at least. I'm not a big beef fan, and veggie burgers? Well, there's really no substitute for MEAT. US Cafe has two locations in the Metro-Atlanta area, and I've lived right down the street from one for a while now. Sadly, I've just recently tried their food, and it's soooo good!

Naturally, I order mine fully loaded. Why get a burger if you don't want everything on it?

As their name suggests, they also have your All-American favorites: wings, hot dogs, home fries, milkshakes/malts, beers, cocktails, spirits, and quesedillas! Ok, that last one's a little out of place, but hey, this is America... we're all out of place.

Either way you spin it, I'm sure you'll find something you like here, and the best part: it's cheap! There's multiple flat screens, so go watch the game with no cover charge, and you can even play a few games of pool with just the change in your pockets. That's not an exaggeration; you really do have to put quarters in the pool tables.

On a nice, cool summer night, you can also sit outside and watch the city go by! The Buckhead location is right down the way from the Lindbergh train station, so there's always something to see... 

A conversation with a friend recently got me thinking about us women and our emotions. We've got a pretty bad rep. Ask a typical man about a woman's mentality, and he'll probably describe her as irrational, moody, sensitive, high-strung, temperamental, and/or all of the above. The sad part is, I've met many many men, with these exact same personality traits, and sometimes they're more extreme than that of the women I know. In any case, because of our unfavorable reputation, when I hear the word "emotional," I associate it with the female sex. Kinda like the term "whore." Merriam-Webster defines the word first as "a woman who engages in sexual acts for money;" the second definition is "a male who engages in sexual acts for money." So, in other words, a whore is typically a woman but can also be a man. At least, that's my interpretation, and societies all around the world would agree with me. After all, there are still cultures that might stone a woman for selling her body but will turn a cheek to a man doing the same.

That's not quite what this post is about. If you look at the word "whore" as a verb, it also means "to pursue a faithless, unworthy desire," and that's what this post is about: us women, our feelings, and how they can lead us to emotionally engage in one unworthy man after another. It seems like these days, women have a disconnect between spreading their legs and opening their heart. Shouldn't these go hand-in-hand? Didn't they used to? That's not the case anymore.

We all know the tale of the promiscuous femme, who always dresses suggestively, advertises her carnal appetite, and switches sexual partners as often as she changes her panties, but is this woman even real? Does anybody know her? Out of all the bed-hopping women I've met, none of them were that woman. They all have their own style and dress accordingly, their sexual appetite isn't put on display, and they have a handful of partners, reserved specifically for their physical pleasure. Notice, I said specifically - meaning emotions are left out of the equation. By definition, these ladies (I use that term loosely) are not whores, but technically, aren't they whoring? I'm sure the men they "open up" to are unworthy of their ladyparts, but they still pursue that faithless desire.

They're not the only ones...

What about the women who open their hearts to one man after another?

What about the emotionally loose woman? This is a different story. She meets a man who's easy to talk to, so she starts to strip down and share her most intimate stories, exchange confessions, and let him in... in a deeper way. The catch: she won't have sex with him. They continue on until he's blue in the balls, and eventually dinner dates turn into phone calls, which turn into infrequent phone calls, which turn into text messages, which turn into infrequent text messages, until she hardly hears from him anymore, leaving a slight perforation (or maybe even a gaping hole) in her heart. In hindsight, he was a faithless, unworthy desire, but in an attempt to patch the gap he left, she pursues another ineligible bachelor... and another... and another... simply put, she's whoring.

Isn't this woman just as vulnerable as the one who sleeps around? She's liable to become irrational, moody, sensitive, high-strung, temperamental, and/or all of the above. What's worse, she could develop insomnia or an an eating disorder, and she's definitely at risk of catching a broken heart. Even though an ailing spirit can be harder to cure than some STD's, there's protection on the market for that. So, ladies, what are we to do? Keep out legs and our hearts closed? I don't have the answer. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, these are just some thoughts.t

Best. Cover. Ever.

Today, Monday, I'm shaking things up. At around 9pm, I decidedly left my apartment and headed to Starbucks for a change of pace. I guess everyone had the same idea since there was nowhere to park, and I'm basically sharing a booth (and oxygen molecules) with a kind stranger... Who knew this was the thing to do on a Monday night?

Watch out, world, I'm takin' a walk on the wild side this evening!

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