Quarantine 2020 brought out some crazy things in all of us. Some people turned to baking bread from scratch. Some turned to Tik Tok. Some turned to online shopping. Some turned to at-home fitness. Me? I turned to stress cleaning and candle burning.

I re-vamped my office space over Memorial Day weekend.

My "office" was previously located in our upstairs loft area. That space overlooks the living room downstairs, and it would get too loud throughout the day with the child, the dog, and tv and other random noises. My concentration was compromised, so I migrated to our bedroom since I could close the door and tune out the other sounds.

I went down a creative rabbit hole on YouTube late last night and feel the need to share this message from fellow creative Reggie Ballesteros.

He's a stay-at-home dad and photographer, and he recently teamed up with some other content creators to talk about all the ways us creatives (specifically photographers) get stuck in our own head when it comes to putting ourselves out there.

2020 has been a constant reminder that things can always get worse.
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