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There seems to be this new trend (or maybe it's not new, maybe I'm just behind the times) that people have regarding goals. Life goals, relationship goals, career goals, motherhood goals, etc have all been on people's minds, but now they're being verbalized. At the very least, they're being typed out. I can't be the only one who notices that at least one person writes "#goals" under a cute couple's lovey-dovey photo (even if they've only been together a couple weeks, even if it's a celebrity couple that has broken up multiple times already, even... let me stop). I'm seeing it more and more lately: #EyebrowGoals #MakeupGoals #ShoeGoals #InteriorDesignGoals. 

I have mixed feelings on them.

Anyone out there remember when Netflix focused on the DVD-by-mail subscription service? Once upon a time in a college Media Studies class, I wrote a paper about how Netflix (and possibly Redbox) was taking over the movie rental world. This was when Blockbuster Video could still be found in every neighborhood. Now Blockbuster is an ancient relic of yesteryear, and Netflix treats their mail service like the red-headed stepchild. Redheads are downright underrated, by the way. Also, does anyone even use the mail service these days? There's really no point. The streaming services now offers an extensive variety of movies to choose from, including some fairly new and big-name releases. 

Big-budget films are cool and all, but I always love a true lesser-known diamond in the rough. With all the indie options out there, it's difficult to pick a good one for those cozy date nights on the sofa. That's why I'm sharing a list of titles that I really, really, really enjoyed. As far as my tastes go, I prefer love the suspense/thriller genre, and I'm also a sucker for good character development and introspection. If you that sounds right up your alley, then you might like these options (in no particular order)(all are new(er) titles):

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