I've actually literally with my own eyes witnessed people setting up their entire office inside a Starbucks, complete with an external keyboard, mouse & even a printer - A PRINTER. Hogging 3-4 outlets at a time, taking calls, having mini meetings and everything. At Starbucks.

I've seen these lists around the blogosphere lately, and being a woman in my twenties, I figured it couldn't hurt to make one of my own. I've got a handful of years before I reach the big 30, which means there's plenty of time get this stuff done if I actually try. I'm gonna try. (Note: this does not include career/family goals)

1. Run a 5K 
Isn't this on everyone's list? My first attempt is coming up next month, which I'm now realizing is only a week away, so this task may or may not be getting crossed of the list in the near future.

These pictures came from my weekend. We had what was arguably the nicest weather Atlanta's seen all year. After a rainy & overcast summer, September decides to show up with clear, blue skies and daydreamy winds. Seriously, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky on Saturday. I can't remember the last time I looked up and saw so much blue.

This might be the worst blog post in the history of blog posts. I'm on my second glass of merlot. I am unashamed.

Peace, love and all that groovy stuff.

So... feminism.
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