I've seen these lists around the blogosphere lately, and being a woman in my twenties, I figured it couldn't hurt to make one of my own. I've got a handful of years before I reach the big 30, which means there's plenty of time get this stuff done if I actually try. I'm gonna try. (Note: this does not include career/family goals)

1. Run a 5K 
Isn't this on everyone's list? My first attempt is coming up next month, which I'm now realizing is only a week away, so this task may or may not be getting crossed of the list in the near future.

2. Visit one of my dream destinations 
These include, but are not limited to Israel, Cuba, Brazil, Greece and New Zealand. I'm not afraid of flying, but long flights make me antsy & at times, nauseous. Cuba's the closest destination, so maybe there first.

3. Learn how to change the oil in my car
Never do I ever plan on actually using this skill, but I'd still like to know how.

4. Master the Crow, King Pigeon & Scorpion poses in yoga.
These ain't easy. I'll leave it at that.

5. Own a dog.
Growing up, I always wanted a dog. Moms has super sensitive allergies, and a furry, shed-y friend was out of the question. The closest I came was owning a rabbit, and even then, it had to stay in his (or her? I can't remember) cage, in the basement. Our basement was cold (thanks, Michigan winter) and lined with concrete - not the best playspace. Poor rabbit hardly ever got played with. To this day, I still don't know what happened to him (or her? I really can't remember).

6. Write a book.
I'm including this one not as a career task, but more like one for the little hobbyist living somewhere deep within me. I have very few hobbies. My time is usually devoted to work (which includes writing), family and/or other relationships. When I actually do take the time to focus my energy elsewhere, I find myself doing more writing. It's easy, doesn't require much equipment and I don't need alot of space to make it happen. One of these days I'll manage to string my thoughts and words into one cohesive story. It might not be a very long story, but a it'll be a story nonetheless.

7. Go Christmas Caroling. 

8. Completely eliminate red meat from my diet.
But, why must burgers taste so darn good.

9. Design my apartment, like, to actually fit my personality.
This include putting for some physical effort to paint a room or two. This also means spending time at home goods stores, which I usually don't have the patience for, but goodness... Pinterest keeps the inspiration flowing.

10. See a show on Broadway.
My last visit to NYC didn't include a show. It should have, but it didn't. So now I have to go back, just to see a Broadway show (preferably The Lion King).

11. Watch Star Wars (the original)
Because if I turn 30 without having seen this movie, my mother might seriously stop claiming me as her daughter.

12. Learn to surf
Definitely taking a class next time I visit Pops in Hawaii, and I might drag him with me. Is 59 too old to be trying to surf?

13. Buy a house (or townhouse, or condo)
The point is, I plan to own some real estate.

14. Ride a motorcycle.

15. Go ziplining.
Do they do stuff like this around Atlanta? I really don't want to travel for a zipline adventure, but if I must...

16. Shoot a shotgun.
I've only ever done target practice with hand guns at the range, but I trying to get my hands on something with a big boy barrel. The world might not be ready for this, though.

17. Feed the homeless on Thanksgiving Day
Every year I wait until it's too late to sign up, and all the volunteer spaces are full. I'm pleasantly surprised by how many people reach out to help the homeless during the holiday season. If only we all did this on a more regular, year-round basis.

18. Go to a Detroit Lions game.
"Root root root for the home team // if they don't win it's a shame"

19. Write & sell a song.

20. Cut my hair
Did this one last year, even though I never really thought I would, even though I always talked about it. And now that it's growing back, I'm stuck between wanting to cut it again and wanting to grow it back out.

21. Get another piercing(s) in my ear
Right next to where the normal piercings are.

22. Audition for something.
A play, an open casting call for a show, a musical... something. Deep down inside me, sitting beside that little hobbyist (see #6) is a little entertainer. She likes to show up and show out sometimes. Although my chances of actually getting cast in something are slim to none, I'd at least like to see what happens if I try.

23. Go fishing and actually catch a fish.
My grandparents' neighbors used to have a lake behind their house, and we'd go out on a little canoe with fishing rods every now and then. At 7-8 years old, I had no idea what I was doing. At twenty-something, I'll probably still have no idea what I'm doing, but again, I'd at least like to see what happens if I try.

24. Go an entire day without using any technology.

25. Become a morning person
As kinda mentioned in this post.

26. Renew my passport
The expiration date on that baby is approaching, and this chick is trying to get out of America (see #2).

27. Have a real Christmas tree
Just like in the movies.

28. Carve a pumpkin
Growing up, Halloween wasn't really celebrated in my household. It wasn't really a big deal for me, and I never really felt like I was missing out (I still got candy), but I have always wanted to have that pumpkin carving experience with some friends. Plus, I can use the pumpkin bits in countless recipes.

29. Host a party
House/apartment warming, fight party, super bowl party or random party, before I turn 30, one will be hosted at my place, complete with the good snacks and drinks. If only I actually liked parties...

30. Read the entire Bible.
It's a pretty long book, so I better get started now.