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Seeing how other people live their lives is oddly fascinating. I recently had a conversation about how people who are Internet Famous basically make money off sharing their lives, and the reason their careers thrive is because other people follow, like comment and otherwise engage. It is voyeuristic, but the idea of peering into the most intimate parts of other people's journeys and finding enjoyment sounds far less creepy when the content appears on your Instagram feed or in your YouTube subscription box.

I am no exception. I love blogs, vlogs, open diaries, and "a day in the life" content as much as the next person, and it serves as inspiration for this post (along with my my morning routine). Today, I am ripping off the How I Work series on Lifehacker. It offers insight on how higher-ups at prominent companies spend their day or organize their workflow. I am not a higher up. I probably have very little insight to offer, but I am writing this anyway.

Let's get to it.

Current Gig: Creative Content Writer
One word that best describes how you work: Methodical
Current mobile device: iPhone
Current computer: Macbook Pro

Take us through a recent workday.

I get an early start.

A few years ago, my cousin and I were hanging out at my place. I was straightening her hair, she was watching tv, we were chatting about life, and doing all the normal things cousins who double as friends tend to do. We talked about our careers (or lack thereof), our goals, our dreams, and our boyfriends. J and I had been dating for less than a year at this point, but she asked me a question that many others would ask soon after: is he the one?

Last weekend, my friend Ashleah and I went to the High Museum for First Fridays and saw our first ever piece of performance art. Two girls were frolicking on the field out front, sort of following each other's movements and taking each other's lead, and the crowd was utterly captivated.

My Cinco de Mayo plans fell apart, for various reasons, but I got the chance to make up for it the very next day at Superica.

They have two locations: Krog Street Market and Buckhead. I have never been to the Buckhead location, but if it has as much character as the Krog Street outpost, I would highly recommend a visit. The food is your typical, slightly-overpriced Tex-Mex fare, complete with all your favorite accompaniments like chips, salsa, queso and guac, but the service and the atmosphere (especially on the patio) makes for a delicious afternoon of people watching.

{my manual focus struggles continue}
The Miracle Fruit is a small berry that rewires the way the palate perceives sour flavors for as long as one hour. Those who have tried the berry claim that everything they eat with acidic properties become sweet. Lemons taste like lemonade, goat cheese turns into cheesecake and Guinness with lemon sorbet becomes a chocolate milkshake.
These are big claims to make for a little piece of fruit, but "flavor tripping" (as they call it) sounded too fun to pass up.

So many vendors, so many crafts, so many classes, so many DIY techniques, so much walking, so much goodie bags.
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