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The Miracle Fruit is a small berry that rewires the way the palate perceives sour flavors for as long as one hour. Those who have tried the berry claim that everything they eat with acidic properties become sweet. Lemons taste like lemonade, goat cheese turns into cheesecake and Guinness with lemon sorbet becomes a chocolate milkshake.
These are big claims to make for a little piece of fruit, but "flavor tripping" (as they call it) sounded too fun to pass up.

The vibe at {three sheets} is very cabaret/burlesque-y. Their interiors are dark and dreamy, with the perfect mood lighting for sipping and lounging. I did my best to capture the atmosphere in photos, but they didn't do the place justice - at all.

As for the flavor trip? It's true, the berry did rewire my taste buds. Bitting into a lemon wedge tasted exactly like a lemonade popsicle. Goat cheese and sour cream both tasted like icing, and hot sauce tasted like barbecue sauce (but it still burned the back of my throat). Trippy indeed.

{three} sheets
6017 Sandy Springs Cir