I'm a little behind when it comes to Jojo breaking news, but I'm slowly getting myself caught up. Speaking of caught up, her rendition of Anita Baker's "Caught Up in the Rapture" won me over in the first 15 seconds. She makes it her own but somehow manages to stay true to the original, and I've been jammin' to it all week.

This new wave of fast food that has taken over in recent years is definitely something I can get with. Fresh2Order, Five Guys, Zo√ęs Kitchen and many more all have the same model: walk to the counter, order your food that's crafted with quality and better-for-you ingredients, then go sit and wait while everything is prepared fresh - and quick. About five to ten minutes later, your food is brought to the table, all warm and ready to eat. I love this style because it's laid back enough for a casual meal, but it's also nice enough [and generally cheap enough] for a low-maintenance date night. It also cuts out the wait staff as a middle man, but there are usually team members walking around to see if any of the guests need anything.

With all that said, there's a new burger joint in town: Grub. I'm not usually the type to say "burger joint," but that's what it looks like when I drive past the building. They've branded themselves as a "Burger Bar," which is honestly a more fitting description since there's an impressively stocked full bar, and they follow this "new fast food" model.

Last week I was invited to a happy hour meet & greet with the cool kids at Uber ATL.

This week has been so stinkin' beautiful. So much so that I found myself taking pictures of the road ahead as I was driving. I couldn't even wait until I pulled up to a stop light to grab a few photos. It had to be done right then and there, so Jesus took the wheel. He also opened my eyes to a couple hidden houses in a wooded area that I ride past all the time. Before then, I had never noticed them. Trees, I tell ya'. They're some shady suckers.

This is a tough subject to approach. Politely.

I, along with my close friends, along with many other single women of my generation, have strong views when it comes to dating a man with a kid, or dating a man with kids - plural - that aren't yours... which was probably implied, but I wanted to clarify. It can be tough.

I've never cared much for/about male attention, or attention in general. In relationships, I'm not needy about it, but some occasional undivided attention from the man I'm dating is definitely a requirement. That doesn't sound too demanding, right?

You know who else requires attention?

Kids. They require a lot of it.

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