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A couple weeks ago I setting the mood to get some work done and decided to put on an old(ish) Emily King EP,  Seven. Once the music started playing, I felt inspired to share this post, in hopes that someone else out there would love and appreciate these songs as much as I do. (Radio is easily one of my all time favorite songs, the kind of song I wish I had written. So simple. So perfect.)

Shortly after, I started spiraling down the interwebs, in search of a vinyl version of the EP. On my journey, I noticed Emily King was coming to Atlanta soon for a show at Variety Playhouse. I saw her at this theater years ago, and it was my first time going solo to a concert, so I have fond memories of the experience.

I considered going again (solo) but then I saw she was coming to the Apollo Theater in NYC. A few minutes later I sent a text to J: "Hey! Wanna go to New York next week?" to which he replied, "Lol ok."

I had been mentally itching for a trip to the city all year, but it never felt like the right time. After a quick google search, I found $200 roundtrip tickets for the weekend of her performance, which means the right time was clearly presenting itself. Won't He do it?!

And so, I reconciled our budget to work in an impromptu getaway. Exactly one week later, we flew into Laguardia Airport for a whirlwind weekend in the city that never sleeps.

These are our stories.

In iPhone photos.

Emily King's EP Seven is (ironically) seven years old, and it still serves as a go-to when I need some mellow music to get me through the workday.

I'm sharing it here on this gloomy, rainy Thursday afternoon because it matches the vibe.

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Never in my wildest dreams would I have planned to write a post like this: a thinkpiece, a soapboxy saga on the wonders of not washing my hair. Yet, here I am, ready to wax lyrical about the topic.

It was a pretty chill October over here. 
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