Hey! Want some stuff to read and chew over that has absolutely nothing to do with this global pandemic? You've come to the right place! Grab a cup of something tasty and gather 'round.


I'm part of a slack channel that's all about finances, and for the month of March, the group is sharing weekly money diaries. The idea is to track every bit of discretionary spending outside of our monthly bills. It's been eye-opening to see all the times I swipe my card for random things and to see the total creep up by the end of the week.

It'll also be interesting to see how spending changes during a global pandemic. Do I buy enough groceries to fill my fridge? Do I order take-out to support local restaurants so they can pay their bills? Do I participate in these really good random sales since brick-and-mortar stores are seeing less foot traffic? I don't know, but I'm figuring it out as I go along.

Anywho, I shared it on the slack channel but also feel like it'd be fun to document it on TAS. So, here's everything I spent last week, before the world health organization declared a global pandemic.

Back in 2015, shortly after J and I got married, I started working a temp job in downtown Decatur, GA. Right next door was a newly opened smoothie shop: Kale Me Crazy. Everyone at the job would talk about it, mainly because of the quirky name, but our newlyweds budget was so tight that I couldn't justify the price tag of a gratuitous smoothie, not even on payday. 

Now, almost five years later, Kale Me Crazy has multiple locations around Atlanta, including one near my current office building (why are they so obsessed with meee???), and now... I can afford it. LOOK AT GOD!

So today I stopped in for lunch to see what I've been missing.

There's an episode of Broad City where the girls visit a pop up shop in New York. The whole place is a frenzy - a madhouse. One of them buys a shirt and they leave. About 10 seconds later, they realize the saleswoman forgot to remove the security tag, so they turn around and go right back. The pop up shop is gone. Nothing but white space and empty racks with hangers in disarray. Hilarity ensues, and the whole episode is comedic gold.

Until this weekend, I had never been to a pop up shop, but that's the idea I had in my head. Glossier arrived in my city a few weeks ago, and curiosity finally got the best of me this weekend. So I dragged Gabriel and Meredith out to Ponce City Market, where we stood in line for about 20 minutes before entering the shop. It was, indeed, frenzied, but not nearly as wild as shown on Broad City.

I grabbed a few things (boy brow, balm dotcom), but more than anything, I really want that Byredo candle (above)! It will be mine at some point in life.

Some brunching 🍴
Some home shopping 🐶
Some sitting in Atlanta traffic 🚘
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