On the last day of summer 2018, I had caramel-drizzled espresso ice cream.

With oreo bits mixed in.

"NOTICE: Alligators are common in Florida including the waterways of Egan's Creek Greenway.

They can be dangerous and should not be approached, frightened or fed. Please give them the respect that they deserve.

Keep your distance."

J and I rented bikes and rode the trails of Egan's Creek Greenway this past weekend. It was stunning. Every bend was filled with lush greenery, colorful butterflies and wildflowers. We were both hot and drenched in sweat after a couple miles, but it was worth it and honestly didn't even feel like a workout.

When we were finishing up, J spotted an alligator in one of the lakes as we rode past. He stopped for a picture and all I could think about was the sign at the beginning. 

"Keep your distance."

So... I kept peddling.

"I won't be able to save you, babe. All I can do is collect the insurance money." -me

Bacon cheeseburgers are what American summers are made of.

Also, why do fried potatoes taste so much better as tots versus french fries?!

(my original review of tasty's is here »»)

Always and forever my favorite summer pastime. ❤️

It's been over a year since I posted a recipe I tried and modified, not because I haven't been cooking (I cook at least 4 days out the week) but because I haven't taken the time to photograph the end results. 

This past weekend, I finally picked up a bag of almond flour. The plan was to make a batch of keto dinner rolls, and that's exactly what I did - not because I'm on the keto diet but because they sounded delicious. They were, in fact, delicious (I used this recipe), and I have every intention to remake them and snap a few pics soon, but today I'm sharing the end result of a different recipe: Chocolate Pecan Cake.

You know how as you get older you start to become more cognizant of your little habits and quirks? Maybe it's just me, but I'm starting to appreciate the little things about my personality that make me unique. In honor of that self appreciation, I'm sharing a few fun facts about myself, because what better place to talk about myself than on my blog.

Many of these are food related, and some are deeper than others. All are random.

A few weeks ago I looked at my super easy homemade iced latte post from 2014 and remembered how much I loved that drink. So, for the good of my future self who may be looking back on this a few years from now, here's a ginger peach sangria recipe I've been loving lately.
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