One of my 2021 goals was to shoot at least one roll of film each month. My real mission was just to shoot more film in general, but I gave myself an arbitrary quota for the year because I read that if you make goals actionable and reasonable, they're more attainable.

Lots of articles about work this time around... and then one fascinating bonus article at the end. 🙂

I got an old roll of film developed from earlier this year, and also tested a new (to me) point and shoot I found for $5 at the thrift shop. 

My sweet boy. So grateful I get to be your mom.

July started out strong over here in the TAS household. We were vaxxed. I was freshly waxxed. We did our annual trip to the beach. All was well.

Then the second half hit, and we have been fielding daycare germs left and right - up and down. I type this with sore hands thanks to a nasty case of Hand, Foot and Mouth. Do yourself a favor and don't google it if you've never seen what it looks like. Just trust me: it's not cute. I really am feeling electric tonight, because my hands and feet are tingling! 💥💥💥
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