This past weekend, a friend & I joined a painting class at Corkscrews and Canvas.

I tried my hand in art class as a kid, like all the other kindergarteners, but it was always for a grade - never just for fun. Even with the weight of an academic evaluation looming over my head, I usually failed to produce a product I was proud to bring home to Mom. I don't even take pride in my stick figures, so why I was excited to try a painting class is beyond me.

I was, however, eager to do something different.
My time in San Francisco was well spent, but as the sun rose on Day six of  my week in the city, I realized how quickly the time flew. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about day one, and now I'm left to re-live the fun through my pictures and reflect on the adventure as it concludes.

I made sure to take in the evening view one last time, and I relished in the radiance of the city on the patio for as long as I could. Of course, the chilly temperatures and aggressive winds forced me to prematurely retreat inside, but not before capturing this lovely photo.

The glow in the distance is AT&T park.
Up-close view of the Transamerica building - a popular landmark in San Francisco

Day 4 called for another escape from the city life.

We boarded a luxury coach at 9am and ventured on down the coast to Monterey & Carmel (pronounced Car-Mélle). The views on this ride are breathtaking. The Pacific Ocean is a beautiful beast. Each tide washing ashore reminds me why I love escaping to the seaside.

The San Francisco saga continues...

Welp, July is officially over. Better known in my head as my birthmonth, it always proves to be an undeniably wonderful 31 days, and this year was no exception. A few of us girls packed our bags and hit Amelia Island for an extended weekend, and I also settled into my new place - not to mention a new job description. As it seems, July has kinda served as my New Year. It's off to a good start so far.
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