another day, another evening stroll. ❤️

People are out here cutting their own bangs, making sourdough bread from scratch, learning new TikTok dances, and doing push-up challenges on social media. Me? I'm just reading to stay sane. There are a couple from the archives, a book, and a financial report about having babies.

All over the place this month.

I'm not usually one to share a bunch of favorites posts, even though I love reading (and watching, on Youtube) the ones other people post. My annual roundups are filled with things that stood out over the course of a full year, and I don't take the "favorite" title lightly. When I find a favorite, I stick with it. I'm not one of those consumers who likes to try new things just because. If i'm trying something new, it's usually because my old faithful has been discontinued or I can't find it anywhere around town.

Shelter in place, however, has given me time to appreciate all the things around my home that I love. It's a short list, but the best ones are!

if we all have a vice, mine is candles.

i have been talking about tidying the backyard for literally three years now. we had finally worked it in the budget and we ready to call people out for quotes and estimates. then the pandemic happened. maybe it’s just not meant to be. at least my blooms are still bloomin’. 
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