I have...

~ Used my Nikon
I took my old Nikon D3100 off the shelf, dusted it down and started shooting. This baby is officially a decade old. It was released in 2010, but I got mine in 2011 as a college graduation gift from my mom. Honestly though, for a 10-year old, lower-end entry-level DSLR, the image is still pretty solid. Using it reminds me that it's not about having the newest tech and the latest gear. The magic comes from the artist, not the tools. (I am not calling myself an artist, nor am I saying my photos magical, just a thought.)

~ Vacuumed out my car
I grabbed our outdoor extension cord and hooked it up to our regular vacuum, then dragged the vacuum out the front door and to the driveway so I could get the job done. Baby was in the back seat crawling around, exploring the seat belts and having the time of his life. The change of scenery was much needed for him.

~ Decluttered my desk
No shock here. I’m sure lots of people are doing extra cleaning and decluttering right now.

~ Decluttered my wardrobe
I even got some help with this one.

~ Got my life together on notion
I downloaded this productivity software months ago and deleted it because the interface was so confusing to me. Then I re-downloaded it again, and deleted it again, then finally watched some tutorials on Youtube and gave it a proper whirl... with the help of some templates. Now that i’ve got the hang of it, I love it. It’s a one-stop-shop for my calendar, my projects, my goals, my recipes, my drafts, etc. All that’a missing for me is iCal integration, but my calendar is empty at the moment anyway, so it really doesn’t even matter.

~ Read 4 books
This is more books that i read in all of 2019. Apparently it took a pandemic for me to fall back into reading books! I also finally gave into e-reading on my iPad, and even though it doesn’t come close to being as cozy as reading a physical book, it’s super convenient - especially since the libraries are closed and only offering e-loans.

~ Cleaned out empty candle jars
I’ve previously mentioned my candle obsession, and depending on how nice the jar is, I’m likely to keep and repurpose it. However, clearing out the dried up wax and soot is very time consuming. So I had a stash of soiled, burnt-out candle jars tucked away in the corner of our linen closet. I finally took an afternoon to clear them all out, and now I’ve got some cute new storage containers!

I've also been:

  • Drinking lots of wine - not a worrying amount, but at least a glass a day.
  • Cooking lots of meals, which isn't too different from normal life for me.
  • Supporting my favorite local spots and eating some good takeout.
  • Doing lots of laundry - why do i have so much loungewear??