I went from having absolutely nothing to say all month to not having enough space on these photos for all my January commentary. This post is longer than originally planned, but I am making an effort to share more real-life moments more regularly, so I am going for it, haphazard handwriting and all.

First, above: a selfie. I have been trying to share one each time I upload one of these monthly recaps, because I know my face is not nearly as present as it probably should be for a personal blog. It just takes too.darn.many snaps to get a good selfie. As far as I am concerned, I did not land on a good one above, which is why I cropped the background and collaged it that way. But I wanted to share one. So here it is.

Moving on...
Every January, everyone seems ready to hit the ground running with fresh ideas and fresh starts and fresh content for their various outlets, and then there is me.

I have been at home, on my couch or in my bed, reading and watching and hibernating. I am fasting from coffee, so I have turned to tea - matcha green and cinnamon herbal varieties -  for a cup of something warm, and my cup runneth over with reclusiveness.

Last weekend my calendar was wide open. I went to a workout class with some friends, grabbed a few groceries, and was back home and out the shower by noon - ready to "start my day." I did not leave the house again.

My mom called to say my niece and her sweet baby had stopped by, and I contemplated throwing on real clothes and driving over - a whole 10-15 minutes away. Instead, I turned the call into a FaceTime, and eventually my mom decided to come to my place. 


I have dealt with a horrible bout of creative constipation all month. My create/consume ratio was off - too much of the former, not enough of the latter - so I am making it a point to watch more movies, listen to more music and read more print articles. 

I found this issue of Kinfolk magazine one randomly lovely afternoon. The day included catching up with Laura over lunch at my favorite Korean BBQ restaurant, window shopping for puppies at Petland and dessert at a local rolled ice cream shop. It was one of the cutest ice cream shops I had ever visited, and their selling point was coffee: coffee ice cream. The whole place smelled better than any Starbucks could ever hope to, and the aroma hit me as soon as I walked through the door. Even though I had absolutely no taste for ice cream (or coffee), I felt the need to sit and stay awhile. So that's what we did. 

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