Every January, everyone seems ready to hit the ground running with fresh ideas and fresh starts and fresh content for their various outlets, and then there is me.

I have been at home, on my couch or in my bed, reading and watching and hibernating. I am fasting from coffee, so I have turned to tea - matcha green and cinnamon herbal varieties -  for a cup of something warm, and my cup runneth over with reclusiveness.

Last weekend my calendar was wide open. I went to a workout class with some friends, grabbed a few groceries, and was back home and out the shower by noon - ready to "start my day." I did not leave the house again.

My mom called to say my niece and her sweet baby had stopped by, and I contemplated throwing on real clothes and driving over - a whole 10-15 minutes away. Instead, I turned the call into a FaceTime, and eventually my mom decided to come to my place. 


Later that evening, after watching at least a dozen Living Single episodes, I thought about calling a friend to go out for drinks, or dinner, or something. Instead, I had Chipotle delivered and watched more episodes.

Yesterday I had tickets to the kind of event for which I would normally be first in line: a local book-reading session, at a brewery, with music, for free. HELLO, were they reading my adolescent journal or something? I came home from work, walked the dog, showered and... maybe you guessed it (?), watched more Living Single.

I blame Hulu for making my favorite TV character ever (Maxine Shaw, Attorney at Law) available for my viewing pleasure with just a few clicks. I blame the cold weather. I blame those two snow days. I blame all the new recipes I want to try and master (currently working on a post for homemade Sweet & Spicy Coconut Chicken Tenders - sugar free AND low-carb)(and hopefully more recipes in general coming down the pipe soon). I blame all the freelance projects I recently picked up. I blame my home, for being so.darn.cozy...

I am okay with these periods of hibernation, though. They are fleeting, but they are welcome.

When you see me in these streets, you will know I made it through to the other side.