Day 4 called for another escape from the city life.

We boarded a luxury coach at 9am and ventured on down the coast to Monterey & Carmel (pronounced Car-Mélle). The views on this ride are breathtaking. The Pacific Ocean is a beautiful beast. Each tide washing ashore reminds me why I love escaping to the seaside.

We were able to stop a few times, and take advantage of the most picturesque moments throughout the day.

Lauren, in the zon

Once we arrived in Monterey, we deboarded the bus and explored a few of the small shops around town.

Of course, no post is complete without a few shots of my food! Lunch was at Louie Linguini's.

I had the Spinach Salad Sandwich* and Lauren tried the Seafood Pizza. Both were blog-worthy (obviously).

*Note how the California healthy-eating trend is wearing off on me.

The courtyard below the restaurant echoed with the serene sounds of these fine musicians.

A couple hours later, were were on our way through Pebble Beach, learning about the exclusive and outrageously pricey golf courses on each resort.

Pebble Beach was nothing like I imagined. Maybe the hazy skies clouded my experience, but I was expecting more majestic scenery.

Still, nature always finds a way to impress. Check out this lone Cypress tree, growing where no Cypress should ever grow.

The last leg of our tour brought us to the lavish town of Carmel.

All the big names have a shop in Carmel, and they were all buzzing with eager shoppers (myself excluded).

Since we had arrived right in the middle of Monterey Car Week, we were surrounded with exotic automobiles, half of which I had never even heard of. I did, however, stumble across this beauty and drooled over it for a while.

If you're ever in Carmel and looking for a place to lay your head for the night, check out the Normandy Inn, if only for it's quaint and intimate atmosphere.

We, on the other hand, found comfort on the motor coach and snoozed our way back to the city.

Riding through the lap of luxury is more exhausting than it seems.