Back in 2015, shortly after J and I got married, I started working a temp job in downtown Decatur, GA. Right next door was a newly opened smoothie shop: Kale Me Crazy. Everyone at the job would talk about it, mainly because of the quirky name, but our newlyweds budget was so tight that I couldn't justify the price tag of a gratuitous smoothie, not even on payday. 

Now, almost five years later, Kale Me Crazy has multiple locations around Atlanta, including one near my current office building (why are they so obsessed with meee???), and now... I can afford it. LOOK AT GOD!

So today I stopped in for lunch to see what I've been missing.

I ordered the Super Matcha smoothie and the Grilled Turkey Wrap with mozzarella cheese. The smoothie was unlike any other I've ever had. The flavor was unexpected but in a good way, and the wrap was delicious - so much crunch! so much fresh!

I'll definitely be back.

Kale Me Crazy
4500 West Village Place SE
Suite 1003