There's an episode of Broad City where the girls visit a pop up shop in New York. The whole place is a frenzy - a madhouse. One of them buys a shirt and they leave. About 10 seconds later, they realize the saleswoman forgot to remove the security tag, so they turn around and go right back. The pop up shop is gone. Nothing but white space and empty racks with hangers in disarray. Hilarity ensues, and the whole episode is comedic gold.

Until this weekend, I had never been to a pop up shop, but that's the idea I had in my head. Glossier arrived in my city a few weeks ago, and curiosity finally got the best of me this weekend. So I dragged Gabriel and Meredith out to Ponce City Market, where we stood in line for about 20 minutes before entering the shop. It was, indeed, frenzied, but not nearly as wild as shown on Broad City.

I grabbed a few things (boy brow, balm dotcom), but more than anything, I really want that Byredo candle (above)! It will be mine at some point in life.