I cheated on Starbucks this Friday. It didn't mean anything at first. It was a cold, rainy afternoon, and I just needed something to keep me warm. 'Land of a Thousand Hills' coffee was sitting there all free and piping hot, so I gave it a try. But then I started to really enjoy it, so I went back for more, and then later I found myself doing a Google search for their coffeehouse locations around town. The flavor was rich, but it wasn't too strong; I could've drank it black. I could never dream of drinking Starbucks' coffee black - not even their blonde roast. What's even better is they're a locally-owned small business. They also have live music on Friday nights and Saturday nights... which means they're basically after my heart, and danggit, they just might get it.

Back to Friday, though. It started pouring down rain around noon, and it didn't stop until well after midnight. That means we had constant downpour, for 12 straight hours, all over metro Atlanta. That also means our Good Friday concert that was scheduled to start at 7:30pm, rain or shine, at an outdoor amphitheater, had to take place in the rain [and wind, and cold]. I was so certain many people wouldn't come, but the place was completely packed, and by packed I mean around 10,000 as the final head count. There were even people sitting on the lawn for the duration of the event - that's 2+ hours, in the rain [and wind, and cold]. When gates opened around 6:30pm, some people had already been in line since 4pm... in the rain [and wind, and cold!]! I was blown away in the best possible way. Who knew so many people would show up to stand outside in the rain and hear a concert/message centered around Jesus - Jesus as in Jesus Christ, a man who seems to get so much hate from our generation. Jesus was shown some love that night, and I love the love.

Saturday was spent running around town looking for a new apartment. I'm dog-sitting for a friend, so Brody sat all curled up in the passenger side while I went from one leasing office to the other. I had forgotten how much of a hassle this whole process is, and I'm seriously considering renewing my lease just to avoid the headache of doing paperwork, packing, moving, transferring utilities, etc. Now I'm starting to really understand why people buy houses, but then when you have a house, you can't just call the maintenance man when something breaks, and it's nice not having to handle those issues on your own. Ugh.

Instead of dealing with my frustration, I decided to not think about it for the rest of the day and went to Cracker Barrel with a friend instead. I dug in so fast that I didn't have time to take a picture, but trust and believe, that 2pm pancake breakfast [and subsequent nap] was a great stress reliever. 

Sunday morning was spent back at the amphitheater for the Easter message. The weather had done a complete 180 by then, and the talk was wonderful. I spent the rest of that afternoon hanging out and watching a couple playoff games, then Moms and I went to dinner that evening. Nothing too fancy.

My godson, however, got very fancy.

I wholeheartedly approve.