This new wave of fast food that has taken over in recent years is definitely something I can get with. Fresh2Order, Five Guys, Zo√ęs Kitchen and many more all have the same model: walk to the counter, order your food that's crafted with quality and better-for-you ingredients, then go sit and wait while everything is prepared fresh - and quick. About five to ten minutes later, your food is brought to the table, all warm and ready to eat. I love this style because it's laid back enough for a casual meal, but it's also nice enough [and generally cheap enough] for a low-maintenance date night. It also cuts out the wait staff as a middle man, but there are usually team members walking around to see if any of the guests need anything.

With all that said, there's a new burger joint in town: Grub. I'm not usually the type to say "burger joint," but that's what it looks like when I drive past the building. They've branded themselves as a "Burger Bar," which is honestly a more fitting description since there's an impressively stocked full bar, and they follow this "new fast food" model.

A friend and I stopped by last night for dinner and ordered our share of meaty goodness. Since I don't eat red meat, I ordered a turkey burger, the Jive Turkey as they've coined it. The photo [above] doesn't really do it justice. It was huge, and juicy, and perfect, but since I was more concerned with the juicy girl talk going on at the table, I wasn't as focused on taking pictures.

Tiff got the Lockhart Legend burger [below], loaded with bacon, cheddar cheese, housemade DrPepper BBQ sauce, onion rings and sliced dill pickles. Neither of us could finish all the food in front of us, so we ended up eating half and taking the rest home. Howwwwwwwwever, since there's always room for dessert, we split a spiked milkshake afterward. Spiked, as in with Tequila and Coffee Liqueur. It's called the Texaz Milkshake, and it's not pictured because we downed it so fast that it didn't stand a chance.

I don't quite get the meaning of these posters, but they look nice with the decor, so I guess that's all that really matters. Either way, we'll be back. I've still got to try the Nutella and Salted Caramel Milkshakes, so I'll be back at least two more times