A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the Atlanta City Tour I had taken. It was great, and I'll admit that it turned out to be more fun than I was expecting. We saw parts of downtown that I didn't know existed; we took some time to learn more about MLK, Jr.'s back-story, and we also stopped a little place called LottaFrutta.

I'm not quite sure how to describe this establishment. It's not exactly a restaurant, but they do sell some food items. It's not exactly a smoothie shop, but sell smoothies too. This spot is all about the fruit, so I'll just call it a fruitery.

Located just around the corner from MLK, Jr.'s birth home [in the Sweet Auburn area of downtown], Lottafrutta is unique to Atlanta. Yay for local businesses! There's only one other location in the world, and that's at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport, in Concourse B.

*Mental note for my next flight outta town*

There are so many fruit cup and smoothie options - I wanted to try them all. The owners were so kind and helpful, even though I was taking forever to decide on my order.

^^ The Cremolatta ^^

That was the day I  remembered to bring my Nikon but conveniently forgot to grab a memory card. So these photos are courtesy of the iPhone, and apparently it was a little intimidated by the cremolatta's amazingness, because this is the clearest picture I could find in my camera roll.

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