I'm a little behind when it comes to Jojo breaking news, but I'm slowly getting myself caught up. Speaking of caught up, her rendition of Anita Baker's "Caught Up in the Rapture" won me over in the first 15 seconds. She makes it her own but somehow manages to stay true to the original, and I've been jammin' to it all week.

Last I heard, she was in a battle with her old record company and trying to break free from her old contract. It seems like all those legal matters have been resolved, so hopefully a new album will be coming soon. I've been a Jojo fan since her debut, and even with all that teen/tween marketing behind her, I could tell her voice was the real deal. It still is. I'm looking forward to seeing her blossom as an adult artist in her own right.

This one's also too beautiful not to share:

Hashtag team Jojo.

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