Last week I was invited to a happy hour meet & greet with the cool kids at Uber ATL.
Uber is a ride service that's been around for a few years. I first used them on a trip to San Francisco a couple years back, and I fell in looooove. They have cars stationed all around the city, and all you do is download the app, press a button, and let your phone's GPS send a signal to the closest driver. Five minutes later there's a clean, black sedan picking you up right at your footsteps. The vehicles are always neat and clean, and the drivers were some of the kindest people I met in San Francisco. It was way easier than trying to hail a cab, and all payment, including gratuity, is handled within the app on your phone so there's no need to worry about carrying cash (because who still does that anyway?). Oh, and the prices were/are about the same as riding in a regular ol' taxi.

Once I got back to Atlanta, I opened my Uber app out of curiosity. There was nothing available in my area at the time, but all that has recently changed. Uber cabs are now all over metro Atlanta, and they're also expanding into the suburbs. So, when I got a last-minute email inviting me to Whiskey Blue to meet some of the team, I cleared my schedule.

Whiskey Blue is a rooftop bar & lounge, located on top of the W Hotel in Buckhead. I've driven through the area a zillion times, but I never knew there was a swanky little chill spot right over my head. The views alone make it worth a visit, even with the construction going on in the area.

I made my rounds and chatted with as many people as I could squeeze into the bit of time I was there. It was wonderful meeting so many different people from so many different backgrounds. All us young professionals have something unique to contribute to our generation - I get excited just thinking about it!

Uber has also given me a discount code to share, for $20 off your first ride in Atlanta [new users only] Just sign up and enter ATLCM221589 in the promotional area.