So... feminism.
As hard as I try to stay neutral on this one, it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Especially since most of the media sites I prefer to visit tend to push the movement. Speaking of movement, where are we now? New wave? New contemporary wave? Post contemporary wave? Post post contemporary wave? I'm just pulling this out the air, but I'm sure in a few decades, when our future generations are studying today's goings on, there'll be an official name for it.

Whatever they choose to call it, I wonder if it's possible to still be part of the movement, and maintain some of my traditional values. Do I count as a feminist if I enjoy my independence but still plan to take my husband's last name when I get married? Can I claim to be about the modern day woman's agenda if I'd actually be happy & fulfilled being a stay-at-home mom and wife (because I really would). Would the feminists disown me if I admitted to not only wanting a man around permanently, but actually needing one? Who else is going to fix things that break around the house, give my car a tune up, kill bugs and check on those random noises in the middle of the night? Sure, I could learn to do those things myself, but I don't want to. Why take all these responsibilities upon myself when I can have some help, preferably of the male persuasion? Does that mean I'm any less of an empowered woman of today's world?

I'm all for breaking double standards and fighting against the way we as women are so often objectified, but at the same time, I hate having to ascribe to some generally specific way of thinking. For that reason alone, I tend to shy away from the ism conversations. On that same token, I've been known to pick up the check on a date - not because I was necessarily trying to be nice, but because I needed to make it clear that I didn't need the guy to take me out (or do anything for me), I was there because I wanted to be.

I guess the big question would be where's the happy medium. Why is it so easy for a man to find his role in most situations, but that's not the case for us ladies?

Okay... brain spill over.