Roadtrips are quite literally part of my world. On any given weekend, I'll likely be down to gas up a car and ride out for a quick escape. The more spontaneous, the better. Something about seeing where the road takes me feels effortlessly adventurous, and I'm getting all tingly on the inside just typing it out right now. If the trip  little to no effort, why not just leap first and look later? So when I was riding north of the city to Tennessee this weekend, and saw a billboard that said "Georgia Winery, Next Exit. Free Tastings", I made sure the car got off at the next exit. Thankfully, my roadie(s) are usually onboard for a little randomness. And wine. And seriously, who wouldn't stop for free wine tasting? Some people pay top dollars for those things.

So yeah.

The day started off pretty good. And it got even better when we got to Rock City and were handed free admission tickets by a nice older couple. Shoutout to the nice older couple.

Apparently you can see seven different states from the top of Lookout Mountain: Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee & Georgia.  It all just blended together for me, but it looked nice.