I'm terrible at coming up with titles for these things.
Also, this photo has nothing to do with this post.
Except for the fact that I wish I could find this juice anywhere else other than Chipotle.

Speaking of Chipotle, apparently everyone orders online now, because there was a line when I went to pick up my order the other day. Also, why has every Chipotle I've ever been to (quite a few) not had enough parking spaces? When your lines are known to reach outside the door during peak hours, where are we supposed to park? Is this some elaborate carpool encouragement ploy?

Next. That moment in the middle of the night when you're wide awake and you hear a random noise come from your kitchen... that's the moment where you decide you need a dog around. Or a man. But a dog is less maintenance, so let's go with that. It doesn't help that the posts on my feed today include insanely adorable pictures of everyone and their dogs today. I'm just not sure I'm ready to commit to a pooper scooper.

Next. There exists in today's entertainment world television shows that we all pretend we don't watch. And by we, I mean me. Even while we watch them and get angry at how unfulfilled the episode has left us, we stick around to see the previews for next week, and we roll our eyes at how next week's episode will probably leave us with more questions than answers, AGAIN. cc: pretty little liars

Next. My kitchen hasn't seen any action in a while. My kitchen is clearly following in my footsteps. My kitchen, however, is clean. So that's nice. Last night, I had cereal for dinner, even though there was plenty of cookable food in my fridge.

That's all.