Basically every morning, I stare at my closets and struggle to find something to wear. Every morning. Even when I think about what I'll wear the night before, when I actually put it on and look in the mirror, I'm highly likely to do a wardrobe change. Or two... or four. It's almost ritualistic in that I never leave my house wearing the first outfit I choose.

This isn't purposeful wishy-washyness, and I hate that it takes so long for me to pick something. Frankly, my personal style can be described as "plain jane," so why the heck it takes so much effort I have no clue. Sometimes it's just hard to keep it simple.

Such is the case when it comes to this here blog. Just a couple months ago, I declared that I had finally arranged a layout I could settle down with. Well... Ummm... You know how you think you've found someone you could be with forever, and then a little ways down the road you discover some quirks and kinks (not the good kind) that seem to be unfix-able? The same can probably be said of any theme I ever try to create on my own. Many nights have been spent with my eyes heavy & burning from staring at the computer screen and trying to fix the teeniest tiniest html bug. NO MORE. I'm done with this ish. And I'm proud to say I've sought professional help.

5th layout time's a charm? *crosses fingers*