Anyone out there remember when Netflix focused on the DVD-by-mail subscription service? Once upon a time in a college Media Studies class, I wrote a paper about how Netflix (and possibly Redbox) was taking over the movie rental world. This was when Blockbuster Video could still be found in every neighborhood. Now Blockbuster is an ancient relic of yesteryear, and Netflix treats their mail service like the red-headed stepchild. Redheads are downright underrated, by the way. Also, does anyone even use the mail service these days? There's really no point. The streaming services now offers an extensive variety of movies to choose from, including some fairly new and big-name releases. 

Big-budget films are cool and all, but I always love a true lesser-known diamond in the rough. With all the indie options out there, it's difficult to pick a good one for those cozy date nights on the sofa. That's why I'm sharing a list of titles that I really, really, really enjoyed. As far as my tastes go, I prefer love the suspense/thriller genre, and I'm also a sucker for good character development and introspection. If you that sounds right up your alley, then you might like these options (in no particular order)(all are new(er) titles):

1. Exam (2009 - Not Rated)
Eight applicants sit down for a job interview examinations, and things get interesting very quickly. I don't want to say much more, for fear of spoilers, but it's a very simple story that packs a big punch.

2. Ask Me Anything (2014 - Not Rated)
The description says this is about a girl who writes a blog that chronicles her love life, but it's more like a coming of age story for the main character, who's world is turned upside down by the men in her life. There's also a pretty decent twist at the end.

3. Lovelace (2013 - R)
This one you've probably heard of. If I remember correctly, Lindsay Lohan was slated for the lead role, but her legal troubles interfered. I can recall the buzz surrounding the production of this movie a while back, and then I didn't hear anything else... until it popped up in my "recommendations" list. I scrolled past it for months and kept wondering why Netflix is suggesting I watch a movie about an adult film star. To each his/her own, but that's not my style. Then one day, on a whim, I gave it a whirl. Much to my surprise, I fully enjoyed it! The scenes aren't too explicit, and it mainly shows what went on behind the scenes in the world of Ms. Lovelace. I guess Netflix knows me well after all.

4. 13 Sins (2014 - R)
This movie, like many others before it, explores how far people are willing to go for money. Even though this is a story we've all seen and heard before, the film manages to put a different spin on the tale. It's another one of those titles where the less I say the better, because spoilers.

5. Black Mirror (2011 - TV-MA)
This a British series, and many have rightfully compared it to The Twilight Zone. Each episode definitely left me with that "whoa, that was weird" expression on my face.
That's all I've got for now. If there are any titles out there you'd like to add to the list, please, please, pleeeeeaaaase leave them in the comments below!