(obligatory pup photo)
This morning, while out killing some time with Raven, I saw a sign for office space. 4,000+ square feet is available for lease in Buckhead, behind Trader Joe's, in case anyone's interested. I thought... I should definitely do that. I should rent out some space, buckle down and get to working on all these creative projects spinning around in my head, that I haven't been able to get done in the comfort of my own home. It was a nice thought, but it's not in my realm of possibility right now, and I don't have some profound revelation to share about this, so I guess I'll leave that there.

On other notes, Furious 7 was... meh. I rolled my eyes at a number of lines (mainly Dwayne's (Johnson)) and stunts, but it still tugged at my heart strings because Paul Walker.

I slipped and fell in a big, ol' patch of mud yesterday. Not fun. Thankfully nobody saw. But now i'm reliving my shame publicly, online, so it really doesn't make a difference if anyone caught it in person.

Happy Easter/Resurrection Weekend! Jesus is that dude for me.