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There seems to be this new trend (or maybe it's not new, maybe I'm just behind the times) that people have regarding goals. Life goals, relationship goals, career goals, motherhood goals, etc have all been on people's minds, but now they're being verbalized. At the very least, they're being typed out. I can't be the only one who notices that at least one person writes "#goals" under a cute couple's lovey-dovey photo (even if they've only been together a couple weeks, even if it's a celebrity couple that has broken up multiple times already, even... let me stop). I'm seeing it more and more lately: #EyebrowGoals #MakeupGoals #ShoeGoals #InteriorDesignGoals. 

I have mixed feelings on them. I'm all for people sharing goals. I myself shared list of goals I want to have accomplished by the time I'm 30, and I really am working towards them. In fact, I've already crossed a couple off the list (feel free to skip the rest of this paragraph btw): I ran the 5K, I learned how to change my oil, I regularly practice my forearm stand in yoga (the main building block for that darn Scorpion pose), I now own a puppy, I went ziplining for a friend's birthday, I'm a solid 3 pages into my debut book (ha), I went in to get the ear piercings this past St. Patrick's Day, but the shop was out of starter studs, and they suggested I buy my own since it's cheaper anyway. I've since been to two different Wal-Marts looking for starter studs, and both trips left me wondering why I even tried to deal with Wal-Mart. I carved a pumpkin with Tierra this past Halloween, and I might alter that "host a party" goal so that hosting a book club meeting is sufficient. 
TL;DR - I'm accomplishing some goals over here. Hollaaaa!
I'm not the only one. Lots of people with blogs spell out their weekly goals on Monday mornings for the internet to see, and I've been tinkering with the idea for some time now. The main reason I haven't is because half the time I feel like my goals are too boring to share. Who cares that I need to do my laundry? Nobody. Except maybe my mom. Also, I have that need, deep down inside, to be unique, original and not do what someone/everyone else is doing. BUT *underlined, italicized, highlighted and bolded*, I love the idea of looking back and reveling in my achievements over the past year or so, no matter how small they may be. 
I say all this to say here are my goals for the week:
  • Do my laundry (ha, again).
  • Buy a wedding gift for my dear friend's ceremony this Saturday (also, I need a dress).
  • Pay the power bill and the cable bill.
  • Grocery shop and meal plan for the rest of the week. This really needs to happen today.
  • Teach Raven two new training commands (she only knows sit, come and stay so far).
Anyone have thoughts they'd like to share on the #Goals hashtag? My comments form is all ears.