This past weekend was a busy one, but it was good. Between training classes with the pup, a book club meeting, a wedding, the usual Sunday gathering at Passion and the Taste of Marietta and cleaning my place, I was on the go all day Saturday & Sunday. Howwwwever... I have very little photographic proof. I can hardly believe I went to a foodie event and didn't take any pictures, but I was too busy trying to meet up with all my friends, who were all coming from different parts of town (with their own set of friends and family), and trying to find the best foods to try, and then trying to maneuver through the crowds to find somewhere for all of us to sit. It was chaotic, but it was worth it. The taste of Smyrna is coming later this year, so I'll definitely get some post-worthy photos then.

As for last weeks goals, I must admit, I neglected my laundry. But that's nothing new. I did however pay my bills, grab some groceries, get everything I needed for Ashley's wedding and work on new training commands. I'll just add the laundry to this week's goals (again, again). Along with:
  • Spend time with Mom. We'll probably catch a matinee tomorrow.
  • Make a green smoothie every day this week. I've been slacking lately.
  • Run with Raven every morning for at least 30 minutes. So far so good.
  • Snake the drain in the bathroom. The longer my hair gets, the more often I have to do this.