I re-vamped my office space over Memorial Day weekend.

My "office" was previously located in our upstairs loft area. That space overlooks the living room downstairs, and it would get too loud throughout the day with the child, the dog, and tv and other random noises. My concentration was compromised, so I migrated to our bedroom since I could close the door and tune out the other sounds.

It was a temporary fix though, since my old desk was too large and took up too much space for comfort.

There's a perfect corner on the far wall of our bedroom that was previously used for all things baby. The space was always a mess, though, and I hated how the shelves looked since I did a janky job of hanging them.

So I removed the shelves, patched the holes in the wall, sanded them down and gave them a fresh coat of paint. All this took place over the course of a few days.

I decluttered, got rid of my old desk, found a new one I love, hung some floating shelves and arranged all my things.

Being right by the window makes my mood so much better throughout the day. The loft gets minimal natural light, and if it was overcast I always had to use the lamp.

Now on to all the other home projects I have filed away in my brain. A homeowner's work is never done.