The Best Turkey Burger In Town Award goes to US Cafe! Even though the city has hundreds of burger spots, it's still hard to find places that sell turkey burgers - good ones, at least. I'm not a big beef fan, and veggie burgers? Well, there's really no substitute for MEAT. US Cafe has two locations in the Metro-Atlanta area, and I've lived right down the street from one for a while now. Sadly, I've just recently tried their food, and it's soooo good!

Naturally, I order mine fully loaded. Why get a burger if you don't want everything on it?

As their name suggests, they also have your All-American favorites: wings, hot dogs, home fries, milkshakes/malts, beers, cocktails, spirits, and quesedillas! Ok, that last one's a little out of place, but hey, this is America... we're all out of place.

Either way you spin it, I'm sure you'll find something you like here, and the best part: it's cheap! There's multiple flat screens, so go watch the game with no cover charge, and you can even play a few games of pool with just the change in your pockets. That's not an exaggeration; you really do have to put quarters in the pool tables.

On a nice, cool summer night, you can also sit outside and watch the city go by! The Buckhead location is right down the way from the Lindbergh train station, so there's always something to see...