day 27 (selfie brought to you by my mom, who randomly texted "Disa, send me a selfie" as I was leaving work today) (k, mom???)

Well, well, well... look who it is, showing up to her 'blog every day in December challenge' two days late and many dollars short. I have no excuse. I had the whole day off yesterday, and instead of feeding my creative tendencies with a bit of reading or writing, I binge-watched all of The OA on Netflix, while writing down all upcoming plans in the handy dandy planner I picked up from Barnes & Noble. The OA, by the way, will not be making it to my next Netflix Titles that Pleasantly Surprise list. It sucked me all the way into its vortex of a plot, but I got off the couch after the final episode and concluded the past 8 hours of my day could've been better spent, and a good binge fest should never have you feeling that way. A good binge-fest must leave you feeling fulfilled.

Christmas Eve (day 24) was spent at the mall. My candle stash was getting low and I had to re-up. My B&BW coupon was also expiring that day, so I dragged mom and husband along so I wouldn't have to face the madness alone. It wasn't so bad though. We got in and out relatively quickly and had lunch while we were out.

So about Christmas Day (day 25): it was pretty fantastic on my end, in more ways than one. My people loved their gifts, I wholeheartedly love all the gifts I received, and I spent the evening eating good food and hanging with J's side of the family. It honestly couldn't have gotten any better, even if it had snowed. ;)

The next morning (day 26) was pretty much a bust. I spent longer than I'd care to admit trying to get a Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks, since I had a 50% off coupon. Apparently everyone ordered all the cold brew around town because I went to two different Starbucks' to discover they were all out. I ended up scoring a free iced coffee, but riding around for your coffee fix on your day off, in the rain (not pouring rain, but that depressing, drizzly, ominous rain that makes the day wreak of despair), is even less fun than it sounds. :)

And then there was today (day 27). It was back to the grind today. The routine I mentioned a few days ago is back: Wake, work, home, eat (homemade chicken masala on the menu tonight) (it came out great if I may say so myself), chill, sleep. I would've walked the dog if it wasn't still wet and drizzly today. She's a diva and doesn't like getting her paws wet. :(

So there. I may not have posted every day in December, but I've done an okay job (by my albeit lousy blogging standards) recapping almost every day.

/end day 27