day 12

I just looked through my photos to see what I could posts for day 12, and of course, there are tacos. How fitting. 

Yesterday evening I was too lazy to pack my lunch for the day, and I never wake in enough time to pack it the same day (see previous post about my snooze button addiction), so if it doesn't get packed the night before, I'll be spending extra money on lunch, which I hate. I always regret not packing my lunch the night before. So today, to fill the regretful void, J and I made a lunch date out of it at Taco T. I first blogged about this place over two years ago, and it's still my favorite taco spot ever. It never disappoints, and it made up for the unsatisfyingly mediocre Mexican food we had last week.

Then for dinner I made a fresh batch of chili - the makings of which are pictured below. I also made a fresh batch of my Cinna Spice granola (trademark pending), since my mom has been asking for some. I ran out of cinnamon while I was whipping everything together, so I had to improvise with vanilla extract and nutmeg. Hopefully it tastes okay; she'll definitely let me know if it doesn't.