days 9 and 10 (I always spell my name out for the Starbucks barista's, but they still usually mix up that first letter...)

There was a time when I'd wake up on Saturday mornings and lounge around until plans were haphazardly made. I miss those days. Now my Saturday mornings are all about cleaning, grocery shopping before the crowds appear, stopping by the bank, et cetera, et cetera. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel good to knock out all those responsibilities. It feels pretty swell if I may say so.

The past couple days have been good! Atlanta got some lovely sunshine above the barren treetops this weekend, and I got every last bit of Christmas shopping done in one fell Saturday afternoon swoop. Now all I have to worry about is wrapping presents and making sure the mailman doesn't spoil the last few surprises coming to our doorstep this week. 

Also, when did Furbys (furbies?) get so expensive? Were they always this pricey? Maybe that's why I never got one as a kid. A toy that's both creepy and costly? Pass.