day 28

C'mon now. You know what it is. We're a few days away from the start of a new year, so of course it's time to post about some goals.

I only had three goals (or resolutions, or intentions, whatever you want to call them) for 2016, and I accomplished two of them: move [1], and master my DSLR [2]. My DSLR is bigger, and clunkier than my phone, so I don't use it as much as I probably should, but I have learned all the settings and know how to use all the features. 

The vacation [3] didn't happen, mainly because we re-purposed our budget to buy a house (and later, a new roof for the house), and I didn't plan for down payments and vacations. It was a trade off, and putting money toward owning a home turned out to be more important for us than putting money toward vacations this year. Next year will (hopefully) be different.

Honestly, I want 2017 to simply be about enjoying life, and all the changes that may or may not come (no, I'm not pregnant, and no, that's not part of the plan for 2017). I want to attend more concerts, take more day trips, have picnics in parks, re-read some of my favorite books, have lots of girls nights, have more friends and family over for dinner, and start writing for fun more often. I've accomplished so much more than what I set out to achieve at the beginning of this year, both personally and professionally, and that just showed me how sometimes the plans I make for myself pail in comparison to the bigger picture for my life.

Still... There are, two main things I want to happen:

1. Take a real vacation, because duh, it didn't happen last year. This means new passports since I'm not just trying to get out of town; I'm trying to get out of the country.

2. Use a planner, regularly. 
I used to write down all the things that were happening for the day/week/month. I love being able to open my planner, see a rough outline of my schedule, and stick to it. Somewhere along the way I stopped. I started going with the flow and only setting iCal reminders in my phone for important meetings and events. But I miss the process of planning my day, outlining my week, and being able to reference that schedule when I need to. Writing down what needs to get done is quite cathartic for me, and it's becoming one of my favorite ways to unwind on Sundays. So in December 2017, I should be able to look back on a years worth of plans and see how the past 12 months played out.

3. Fix up the backyard. It needs... love. Lots of it. I haven't a clue where to begin with a landscaping project, so I'm tempted to hire a company to tidy the grounds. At the same time, I like that feeling of accomplishment after tackling a DIY project in uncharted territory. We'll see if J is up for the challenge. I want to us have some cozy backyard brunches next year!

Anyone out there still make goals for the new year? Or is everyone too hip and cool for rebranded resolutions? Please, do share.

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