day 11

Today is the day I sat back and could be grateful that all my Christmas shopping was done for the year. And most gifts have been wrapped, pending the few deliveries I'm expecting this week.

Today was also the day I felt a tinge of nostalgia while trying to find something to watch on TV. I signed up for DirecTV Now, and I love the concept, but I'm not sure I like the execution. For one, there's no Chromecast or Playstation support. Unless you have a Firestick, Apple TV, or Android device, you basically can't stream content to your TV. Also, there's no TV guide on the app. I spent way too long yesterday evening checking different networks to see what was playing. It's quite possible I overlooked it, but a guide would have been quite nice.

That got me to thinking about the days when the TV Guide Channel was a thing. I vividly remember sitting on the floor of our living room as a kid, watching the channel listing scroll up the screen like a line of credits rolling at the end of a movie. You had to wait for all your favorite channels to pass, and God forbid you look away for a few seconds or you might miss the channel you were waiting for! Then you'd have to wait for it to scroll past again! Ahh, the good ol' days.