day two 

^^ My festive pride & glory, all lit up, sans ornaments. We've decided to start a thoughtful ornament collection that can grow, organically over the years. We'll just pick up individual ornaments that strike our fancy whenever we're out and about. That way each ornament can really mean something.

^^ I waited all year to buy a fragrance from Diptyque, in hopes they'd have some sort of Black Friday special (catch my Black Friday soapbox here). The one I wanted wasn't on sale, but I got it anyway... and a (mini) candle... and a soap bar. The order just processed today, according to my confirmation email, and the package came this evening.
^^ Behind the snapshot scenes ^^
^^ A quick (low-quality) selfie from yesterday while I sat outside Meredith's house like a stalker, waiting for her to get home. #Friendship.