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14 December 2016

Days 13 & 14

I've missed a couple days of posting, and it was on purpose. I sat down with my computer the past couple nights and had absolutely no photos or words to recap the day. They've been pretty... basic. Wake, work, home, walk dog, chill - with some foodie moments in between (none worth documenting. I mean, do I really need to post another photo of tacos?). The only thing I have to show is this snap of the dog hovering at the bathroom door while I wash my face for the evening.

So, I've decided to share a few links of things I've enjoyed reading online lately. Because maybe someone else will enjoy them too! ('x' marks the link)

Atlantans Share Why Their Neighborhood is the Best Neighborhood in the City [x]
16 Books Hook You from the Very First Line [x]
7 Reasons You Really Need to Pay Yourself First [x]
Advice to College Graduates: Don't Rush It [x]
A Week in LA on a ~$60K Salary [x]


  1. I feel like if I were to post everyday, our days would look similar. "Work, school, eat food, chill, sleep, repeat" with maybe a workout sprinkled in between there a few times :) What's your favorite neighborhood in Atlanta?

    1. My favorite neighborhood in Atlanta technically isn't in ATL, it's just outside the city limits: the city of Decatur. Their Downtown Area is my favorite spot to spend the day. It's so darn cute. I don't even wanna blog about it - I just keep all the goodness to myself lol.

  2. So my dog isn't the only one that does this? That's good to know. LOL!

    1. It's becoming a nighttime ritual for her. I turn around after washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc... and there she is. SMH.



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