all lit up

02 December 2016

day two 

^^ My festive pride & glory, all lit up, sans ornaments. We've decided to start a thoughtful ornament collection that can grow, organically over the years. We'll just pick up individual ornaments that strike our fancy whenever we're out and about. That way each ornament can really mean something.

^^ I waited all year to buy a fragrance from Diptyque, in hopes they'd have some sort of Black Friday special (catch my Black Friday soapbox here). The one I wanted wasn't on sale, but I got it anyway... and a (mini) candle... and a soap bar. The order just processed today, according to my confirmation email, and the package came this evening.
^^ Behind the snapshot scenes ^^
^^ A quick (low-quality) selfie from yesterday while I sat outside Meredith's house like a stalker, waiting for her to get home. #Friendship.


  1. How do you like Diptyque candles? I've seen them all over but am curious about what sets them apart from other candles??

    1. WARNING: mini soapbox ahead.

      So the thing with buying candles is I literally feel like I'm burning money. And if that candle costs upwards of $70 after tax? That's a very expensive fire. Even Bath & Body Works candles are too expensive IMO. I only buy them on sale, with a coupon. It's the same with Yankee Candle. Those are really the only two candle brands I rock with because they fill the entire room (sometimes the whole house) with fragrance - unlike the $6.99 varieties from Home Goods and Marshalls.

      Now Diptyque... The fragrance from these candles carry about the same as B&BW and Yankee, so there's nothing special there, BUT the quality of the fragrance is very noticeable. Their scents are so unique and lush and I think that's what sets them apart. I've only ever gotten the smaller candles, because I still can't wrap my head around spending $60+ for a candle, but they last a while because they don't need to be lit for very long. The fragrance spreads quite fast.

      My favorite bougie candles are from Votivo, Voluspa, and (my ultimate favorite) Trapp. These are all less pricey than Diptyque, but the quality is comparable.

      I light candles pretty much every evening. I remember the first time my husband ever came over to my place when we were dating, he assumed I was trying to "set the mood" because I had candles lit, lol (I'm sure he was confused when nothing happened!). He eventually realized that I just legit love candles.

      tl;dr I'd say put a Diptyque candle on a Christmas/Birthday wish list and let someone else buy one for you... then you'll be able to tell if they're worth your money. For now, their full-sized candles aren't worth mine.



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