blame the weather

04 December 2016

day four

It's December, and the cold rainy weather finally decided to make its way to Atlanta. I spent the morning/early afternoon wrapping gifts at church, and the later afternoon/evening curled up inside. I had more things to do, but my motivation waned as the day progressed. I blame the weather and the curse, among other things.


  1. I still have yet to make my way to Passion City but I'm hoping to change that before this year is up.

  2. What church is's so pretty! I know that's a silly reason for choosing a church but...

    1. Passion City. Honestly, their design team is AMAZING. I'm always blown away by how they decorate for different holidays. It may be a silly reason to CHOOSE a church, but it sure does make you feel all warm and fuzzy once you actually step in the building, and that definitely doesn't hurt ;)

  3. The interior design of your church is on point! Love how minimal the decorations are so they don't overwhelm the space.



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