Today I had the absolute honor and privilege to sit under the voice of Andrew Young, Jr., a man who marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and led so many changes to race relations in our country. I wanted to write about it now, while the moment is still fresh in my mind.

He talked about how far we have come and the journey ahead. He talked about how bloody Sunday came, in part, as a result of about 300 people misunderstanding on which Sunday they were supposed to march from Selma to Montgomery. He talked about how without shedding of blood there is no remission [Hebrews 9:22], and how the death of Jimmy Lee Jackson sparked their need to march in the first place.

He talked about the days leading up to the death of Dr. King, and recalled a literal pillow fight they had just moments before he stepped outside and met his fate. He told us how it came as no surprise to anyone, and how he embraced the idea of death instead of fearing it. He said everyone felt Dr. King went on to heaven and left us all in Hell.

We all laughed as he made light of tough moments in his life, because at his age and with his experience, he has learned to not carry the emotional burdens. We lingered on every word, as he recounted the minutes, days and years that followed the civil rights movement era.

As he closed, we all stood and sang "Everything's Gonna Be All Right."

Be alright / be alright / be alright.