TL;DR  (presented as a Haiku)(well, almost.)

The backyard is still crusty.
I am already over spring.
The house is clean.

Fun fact about me: I am not a fan of spring, at all. My most vivid childhood memories of this season are riddled with allergy fits, miserable nights awake from sneezing and the most disgusting nasal sprays and medicines. It rains all the time. The pollen turns everything yellow (my most hated color), and the weather can never make up its mind. I'd much rather just jump to summer, my absolute favorite.

These days, I take it one Zyrtec at a time.

And here are a few mostly undocumented happenings from this month:

1) Sips Under the Sea at the GA Aquarium (which is when/where I took these photos).
2) SPRING CLEANING. Here's the actual list I sent to J the day before:
usual spots +
baseboards in bathrooms
base of toilets
cobweb above the refrigerator
dust surfaces
fridge and freezer
pantry clearout
wash sofa cushions and blanket
wash linen and pillowcases
blow off front porch
pick up litter around the yard
clean patio cushions and table
clean dog bowl and mat
clean dog bed and blankets
magic erase dirty parts of the walls
3) Rock climbing and belay certification classes.
4) Fell madly in love with Terra sweet potato chips. I ate ate them pretty much every day. Just typing this makes me want some.
5) Got a new camera... just weeks after dishing out the cash to fix my old one. I'll probably always keep that camera, though. It has sentimental value and I really love the images it produces, especially for an entry-level DSLR.
6) More wine tastings. Always more wine tastings.