Ladies and gents, may I present: a list of things I have been doing more of lately:

Lighting Candles
A few years back, I used to light candles every evening. My routine would be to come home, figure out dinner, get comfy, light a candle, dim the lights and read/watch tv/write/etc. It has always been a super simple way to relax and unwind - kinda like romancing myself. The first time J. ever came to my apartment, I had a candle lit on the coffee table with the lights dimmed. I thought nothing of it at the time, because HELLO, it was part of my routine. Like a year later, he told me he thought I was trying to romance him that night! *spoiler alert: he was wrong* After a few more visits (and no "romancing") he realized I just like to light candles in the evening.

I had fallen out of the habit this past year, but it is coming back strong.

Drinking Tea
I am unsure if Setarra is subliminally rubbing off on me, or if my palate is maturing, but I am turning into an avid tea drinker. In the morning, I make an almond milk matcha green tea latte. When I get to work, I usually brew some mango peach iced green tea and sip multiple cups throughout the day. In the evening, as I light the aforementioned candles, I steep a couple bags of Hot Cinnamon Sunset.

My bladder could hardly handle it at first, but now I think it has adjusted.

Going Out for Lunch
This one is actually a good thing for me. I rarely go out for lunch; work events and one-off birthday outings are really the only exceptions. Each night, after lighting the aforementioned candle(s) and brewing the aforementioned tea, I make my lunch for the following day of whatever I can pull together from the kitchen. Why? Because the food in my kitchen has already been paid for; the food at all these restaurants has not.

When I go out to eat, I prefer a good brunch or dinner. A good brunch will hold me over all day, and a good dinner is never a waste of money, IMO. Lunch, on the other hand? Lunch is like the layover meal on the way to dinner. Lunch is what I eat in the interim. Lunch could be removed from the American diet and I would not shed a tear - so why spend extra money on it?

Lately, I am less rigid about toting my dear brown bag. I use lunch as an excuse to catch up with friends or try a random restaurant, or both. It is growing on me.

Blocking Numbers
Get thee behind me, spam robocalls. Red Cross? You, too, can get back there. I refuse to be pressured into giving blood every.six.weeks., and no, I do not want to upgrade my cable service; I do not need new insurance; I am happy with my long distance provider.

Listen. I know these face masks will not transform my skin, but by golly they sure do feel good for the time being. Masking is most fun after I have lit my aforementioned candle(s), brewed my aforementioned tea and, if applicable, packed my aforementioned lunch. I even got J. to wear one with me recently, and as tempted as I am to post the photo here (because you know I took a picture), I refuse to let my man go out like that.

Bullet Journaling
Yes, I hopped on the bandwagon here. It has been a bumpy ride, and I am still unsure if I like it or not. The hard part is taking it with me everywhere, because sometimes I just want to travel light. When I do have it handy, I write everything down, which is great. It almost makes me wonder how I kept up with all my responsibilities before.

And that feeling of checking something of my daily to-do list? There is no greater thrill.