Every now and then, I come across really well-written pieces on the interwebs and get the urge to share. There are so many vapid pieces floating around these days, making it more and more difficult to filter the fluff. Whether it aligns with my viewpoint or not, I only have one rule: it should be thought-provoking. The following (listed below) were just that. 

Embracing Sexy

"Small things like not wearing a bra are something I want to address too. It’s a super simple thing for me; the look of a white t-shirt where you can see your nipples is something I like. It’s that simple. It’s not for everyone, and there is every chance I will look back in a year and think ‘Jesus women, can you put on a bra’ - but I know I will also remember that it was what I liked at the time and you should always just wear whatever makes you feel good at any given time."
Lizzie, of Shot From the Street, breaks down her idea of sexiness and unknowingly joins my #BanBras2018 movement.

There's Too Much Advice on the Internet

"Whilst I understand that one of the benefits to the online writing community is precisely the sheer wealth of guidance that can be shared, the landscape appears to be changing into one that values advice for the sake of it, rather than the actual contents of what's being said... My central gripe, I suppose, is that I feel a lot of advice is coming from those who don’t have the necessary experience or expertise to warrant giving it. Yes, yes, free speech and all that, but to me there’s something slightly uncomfortable about a 20 year old dishing out a ten step programme on how to become the best version of yourself."
Chloe, of The Little Plum, says all the words I've been thinking in regards to present-day "lifestyle" blogging. Why are so many 20-somethings telling us all "How To Fix Your Life in Three Simple Steps"? How did they pay their dues so quickly? I'm still paying mine!

Alone in a Crowd

I sit in a circle of strangers and I am telling my own story. The way I hoped the hits would leave bruises so he would be sorry and love me. The way I thought I deserved it. The way I protected not only him, but the story I told myself that everything was fine...
I thought that it was okay to share this but it doesn’t feel okay. It’s not like writing. It’s stark and ineloquent and uncomfortable. Eyes burn into me, my nails cut into my palms and people I don’t know ask me impossible questions. The circle moves on and there is a deafening ringing in my ears. I can’t stay and so I leave abruptly and run through the mud all the way back to my tent.
Nirrimi, of Fire and Joy, speaks bravely and beautifully about her history with domestic abuse. This post almost feels to intense for this kind of roundup, but it was one of the best things I read all month, so I had to include it. I love the way she recaps her experiences in first person - one of my favorite bloggers, for sure.

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