February started with a trip to West Egg and MoDA and a subsequent pitstop at Gusto! on my way home. I had been craving this meal for weeks (the have thee absolute best sweet potato chips, ever), and I was so anxious to get here that I paid $2 for street parking even though it took less than five minutes to place my order, pick it up and walk back to my car. The worst part? There was a free parking lot behind the building, and I had no idea.

Other things I did this month:
  • Wine Tasting at my new favorite wine bar since my old faithful, The Wine Cellars, closed a couple months ago. We tried a few South American wines which were perfectly paired with a variety of tapas. 
  • Finally replaced my favorite biker jacket since it was cracking around the collar (slightly shown in the second picture above).
  • Had a super chill Valentine's Day dinner at Farm Burger.
  • Got to see one of my long-distance best friends - twice!
  • Black Panther
  • Spent multiple afternoons shopping at the mall because J needed new jeans and shoes, and I needed a new record and more candles, naturally.
  • Late night arcade game fun.
  • Ponce City Market
  • Ikea
  • Plant shopping and plant defeat.
  • Said goodbye see you later to my dear Great Uncle Early.
  • Worked hard and played hard all-around. Basically the opposite of my January hibernation.
  • Filed my taxes
  • Watched lots more "Living Single."